Early in the 90’s, Hartati Hartono, a fresh graduate from Toronto, was encouraged by her family to set-up a stuffed-toy manufacturing plant to meet international demand. Dominated by love and fondness for playing with stuffed toys, she took up the challenge and appointed a Korean stuffed toy maker, Ha Jai Soo, whom later become her mentor and business partner. PT Royal Puspita (RP), a small OEM/ODM stuffed toys factory equipped with the 75 sewing machines was then born in 1993 in Parung Kuda-Sukabumi, West of Java. For over 25 years, despite recession period, political uncertainty, and ever changing market trend, RP are able to sustain its growth by producing a wide variety of licence/non-licence products such as stuffed toys, home furnishing cushions, beanbag, toddlers mat, plush backpack and party costumes, etc. with international standard. Currently, RP is delighted to annonce that the small factory has grown to be one of the leading stuffed toys factory in Indonesia employing more than 1800 workers, equipped with up to date manufacturing technology.


We constantly strive to be excellent in all that we do.


We place them at the heart of our business and relentlessly meet their expectations.


We develop the talents, reward the exceptional performance and respect the rights of our employees.


We only do what is safe and stop any unsafe behavior.


To bring “smile and happiness” to the end user through our buyers’ distribution channel throughout the world.
To help design, develop and produce innovative yet cost efficient products through the synergy of our creative team, manufacturing technology, and quality management control.
To establish credible and long term relationships with customers by maintaining close communications and competitive pricing.


Be a world-class ODM/OEM stuffed toys manufacturer.
Be a preferential supplier sought by stuffed toy buyers.